4 Top Online Sites to Visit and Find Out More about Breakthroughs in Medicine

The science of medicine is developing at such a fast pace and it seems that even the most severe conditions will not be held as such for long. Teams of scientists and physicians are involved in ground-breaking research that thankfully yield promising results in a constant struggle to cure illnesses and conditions in order to prolong life. The importance of such work shouldn’t and can’t be underrated, so it is only natural for everybody to read about it and follow the developments in respected fields, and that is no small task.

Not only is it difficult to pinpoint the discoveries, but it is also equally difficult to find and read about them. This article will present you with a number of online sites and resources you can go to for any info on medical breakthroughs and research.

1.The New England Journal of Medicine

The New England Journal of Medicine has existed for more than 200 years and has been providing high-quality clinical studies to physicians and large communities worldwide. This Journal is the most widely read medical journal in the world, with more than 600k people reading both its online and printed editions every week.

There is more than 16,000 research, as well as other submission requests filed every year, and TNEJM (The New England Journal of Medicine) publishes around 5% of top original content. It is by far the most cited scientific medical journal and the one with the highest Journal Impact Factor. The most significant medical breakthroughs are published here, and subscribers have unlimited free access to all its articles after six months.

2. The British Medical Journal

Ever since its first edition in 1840, all major medical advances and breakthroughs have found their ways to the readers and researchers via the BMJ. It was the first journal to entirely go online in 1998 and has continued to publish works in that way, along with the printed edition. There is also an extensive database of all editions of the BMJ, starting with the first ever from 1840’s Volume 1.

Their website is well structured, and under the Research tab, you can read all about the recent medical discoveries and the news from the field. You are required to subscribe to the website to gain full access, but there is also a vast database of already published articles that you can freely peruse.

3. Health 24

Heath 24 is a website established by Dr Danie Pauw and is one of South Africa’s leading medical resource online. It is medically reviewed and is home to over 40 leading experts in their respective areas. It also has a large community of people sharing their ideas and opinions on the articles. The best thing about the website is that it is free and offers unlimited access to all visitors. All of the medical topics are divided into their respective categories so that you can easily navigate through the website.

4. American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society has an admirable mission of removing cancer from this world. They are fighting against cancer by funding research, educating people on this malicious disease, and helping people live longer and happier lives. On their website, you can find articles with the latest news and breakthroughs on cancer treatments, experimental trials, etc.