How Can You Track Your Health With Your Phone?

As we live in a world of digital technology, there are various ways in which we can use this technology – for example, to find Ladbrokes Promo Code 2020 online. On the other hand you can use devices to keep track of our health. All the rush and commotion we have in our daily lives can sometimes feel a bit too much, and you might lose track of time and, for example, forget you have scheduled a training session. Here is where smartphones and apps kick in. This article features a list of interesting apps you can use on your smartphone to keep track of your health, workout regimens, and even how many steps you have made during the day. Read on!

Google Fit

The champion of health-tracking apps nowadays is the Google Fit app. This app combines the data from various sources to keep track of your daily activities and their impact on your overall health. It was designed by Google, and it operates on Android-powered phones, with the particular effect on the newer models.

Apart from the step count that can be found in the Move minutes section of the app, Google Fit also closely monitors your heart rate and motivates you to make small, yet essential and healthier changes in your life. It is not only running and walking that is counted, but all other sporting activities get included as well. Your customized training programs are just a couple of clicks away with Google Fit that will carefully observe your routines and provide a detailed schedule. The app also works in sync with other Google wearable fitness devices and can give an overall report on your health.

Apple Health

All users of the iOS operating system have had the privilege to use Apple’s great health-monitoring app, Apple health. It works in a similar fashion as Google Fit, by tracking your daily life in four key areas. The first one is Activity which shows the distance traveled either by running or walking and collects data from other fitness apps, followed by Sleep tracking area which pays attention to how many hours of good sleep you had overnight.

Other two areas of interest to the Apple Health app are Mindfulness and Nutrition. Mindfulness reminds you of the importance of taking a few breaths and trying to relax, whereas Nutrition keeps track of your daily intake of nutrients and the energy generated from them.

Wearable devices

Wearable devices such as smartwatches and wristbands are becoming the go-to health devices in the world today. In essence, they function in the same way as any health monitor app would, with a difference that they are much smaller and thus more convenient to use. You don’t have to worry about dropping those down as they are comfortably placed around your wrist and from there they track your movement, sleep, heart rate, etc.