The Health Benefits of Doing Yoga

We like to exercise from time to time, but sometimes, we forget that we like to do so. There are alternatives to exercise, at least in the traditional sense of the word. Doing repetitions which are everything but fun can be troublesome after a long period of time. 

How about turning to something like yoga, which has been proven to have many health benefits for our bodies. Yoga is more than just breathing exercises and stretching. Yoga has a deep root in the understanding of the human body and mind, that dates back centuries.

But, since it has some clear health benefits, let us look at what they are.

Yoga Improves Flexibility

While it is not important to be flexible to do or practice yoga, being flexible helps in doing some of the more advanced yoga poses. Not only that, but every single yoga pose helps with our overall flexibility. Flexible muscles are going to last longer and will not break or strain under pressure. Given that one adjusts the intensity of their yoga routine based on their own skills and flexibility, it is possible to always get the benefits of becoming more flexible by regularly practicing yoga.

Yoga Improves Mental Health

Yoga has been linked to helping alleviate symptoms of depression, or rather, of mental health issues. Yoga can help alleviate the symptoms, to a varying degree, depending on the practitioner.

Yoga has also been linked to stress relief and we know that chronic stress often comes with  depression. The exercises, chanting, mantras, breathing and every part involved in yoga practice, helps with stress relief. All of this, combined, works as a great way to improve our mental health.

Yoga Improves Balance and Strength

Depending on the type of yoga one is practicing, their body strength is likely to go up. If one is a beginner in all senses of the word when it comes to athleticism, they will certainly build strength. Some yoga practices are more intensive and difficult than others and they will be more strength-building than others.

Every yoga exercise puts our balance to the test. Having good balance helps immensely with everyday tasks, not to mention that these good habits keep our brain intact and safer from the adverse effects of getting old.

Yoga Improves Body Awareness and Self Esteem

Most practitioners report that they have felt better about their bodies and themselves after multiple yoga sessions. Having self esteem is mandatory and rare nowadays. However, while self esteem is great for our mind, being aware of what our body is doing is great for our overall health, particularly when we are slouching in a chair.

Yoga has many health benefits and these have been some of them. Everyday yoga routines could be great for most of us.