Which Sports are the Best For Your Heart?

Sometimes, we forget that we need to exercise in order to stay healthy. Health somehow becomes the least important part until we really need to start paying attention to it. Taking a day off to relax from our busy schedules is important, particularly during difficult periods. People relax differently, some people relax and have fun in their free time by using the 888sport new customer offer, while others relax by playing video games. However, there comes a moment during the day where we should get up and start exercising. Exercising is good for our health, as we have learned, but specifically, some sports are better for the heart than others. Here are a couple of such sports.


No sport is as good for the heart as is running. Running is an extension of the one thing that we humans were created to do, walk. It is a more complex movement than walking, but one that comes naturally to any human. Running is great. It does not need to be intense, though through intensive running, we exercise different body parts, including the lungs and the heart. Whatever way you look at it from, running is good for the heart, whether slow and long distance, or short and intensive, such as sprinting.


Swimming is a great alternative to running, a full body exercise which can be more forgiving. For starters, one would not feel the pressure of their weight on their joints when swimming. Swimming is a great exercise and sport because it can aid in recovery or help beginner athletes work their way up to a level where they can start doing other exercises more comfortably.

The heart can get a steady workout from swimming, as well as various muscles in our body, not to mention the lungs.


The trio of a great heart exercise, running, swimming and cycling. These are the basis of the triathlon tournaments. Cycling is another great sport on its own. It reduces stress on some body parts, while increasing on others. Getting familiar with a saddle takes some time on the bicycle for beginners, but in the end, it is well worth it. Cycling can work as a way of transportation, a pathway into adventure and a sport good for our hearts.

Winter Sports

Any winter sport is great for the body and on the heart. Take anything from ice skating, skiing, snowboarding to ice hockey. All of these things require endurance and exposure to difficult positions, which will in turn activate the heart and force it to work harder. 

Even though winter is there for only a short time every year, it is still good to make use of it and add some variety to our exercise routines.

Any sport which forces us to be active over a long period of time is good for our hearts. These are but some of the sports that are good for our hearts, the ones that we could technically start doing at any moment.