Best Health Tech Gadgets

The 21st century is all about science, breakout technologies and improving the quality of our lives. Over the past couple of years, technology and healthcare have truly joined forces to create a revolutionary era of healthcare today. Biotechnology and biomedical engineering have made it possible for us to lead more comfortable lives.

Health gadgets have lived up to their promise as we’ve witnessed the introduction of outstanding products in 2018. Some of them are designed to manage chronic conditions in patients, while others are used as tools that help healthcare workers save lives. Let’s take a look at the list of health gadgets that are totally worth your money.

Omron Evolv

Omron Evolv is a user-friendly blood pressure monitor designed to record, monitor and measure blood pressure. The device is small enough to take it anywhere with you, and it allows you to share your blood pressure data with your family or a doctor via an app.

By using Advanced Accuracy, a heart health algorithm, the device tracks your daily results while eliminating interference from movement. The Omron Connect App is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The device gives you a clear view of your overall health by providing clinically-accurate readings displayed in a well-designed app.

Smart Temporal Thermometer (Nokia Health)

Just when you think they couldn’t make anything else connected, Nokia releases a real game changer in a form of their Smart Temporal Thermometer that sends information about your body temperature directly to your smartphone via the Thermo app. Using their HotSpot Sensor Technology, the device measures your temperature without actually touching your skin.

The app not only tracks your temperature, but it also allows you to share other valuable information with your treating physician, including comments, personal notes, symptoms, treatments, and even medication. Furthermore, the app can monitor the body temperature of your family members as well. You only have to enter their age, gender, height, and weight, which helps with more accurate monitoring.


Pain can come in many forms, and we all know how unpleasant it is to live in pain. But when pain is still present after healing, it becomes chronic, and coping with it can affect every aspect of a person’s life. Controlling this condition has been the main subject of scientific studies for decades, and after a hard fought battle, researchers have come up with a drug-free alternative to painkillers.

PainPod is a wearable gadget powered by a combination of biomedical technology and microcurrents. The gadget obtains data about our peripheral nervous and body system in order to understand how our body works on managing pain, improving performance, and speeding up recovery.

The device is used for managing and controlling pain after surgery, instant pain caused by injuries, chronic/acute pain, or even headaches. PainPod stimulates tissue and muscle to regenerate faster after surgery, pregnancy, or workout activities. Whether you simply want to enjoy life without chronic pain, or you want to compete at your best fitness, just tap the device and it will work its magic to get you back in tip-top shape.