4 Best Preventative Healthcare Games

All of us can remember our parents telling us that we were wasting our time playing video games when we were children. That probably is true to a point, but science has certainly since proven that video games have many benefits as well.

Today, video games are used for numerous positive effects, such as learning and healthcare. The topic of preventative healthcare games is what we’re especially interested in. Can we use video games to help prevent diseases? Can video games help us become more mindful about our health? We believe yes. Take a look at our choice of the best preventative healthcare games available right now.


Synandus is a healthcare game that offers simulation learning technology, intended for both students and patients. One of their most popular applications is made for those suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This is a progressive illness which makes breathing more and more difficult for the patients.

This app gives people a visual representation of the effects their lifestyle choices have on their disease. By using the app, they are able to see what kind of changes occur when they smoke, drink alcohol, exercise, or take medication. This app is beneficial for COPD patients and medical students alike.

Cog Cubed

Cog Cubed is a successful company that has been creating healthcare-oriented apps for years. Their games and applications are aimed towards clinicians and researchers, but patients can benefit from them as well. Their apps are intended to improve cognitive processes and goal-directed behavior in patients suffering from diseases such as the Alzheimer’s, Autism, ADHD, Anxiety, and Traumatic Brain Injury.

Their best app so far is called Groundskeeper. Players are expected to solve cognitive tasks by physically manipulating a set of cubes in a virtual environment. The game is fun and engaging and can also assess individuals for ADHD.


Have you ever played the Guitar Hero? Pact is an app created by the same company. Pact does exactly what its name suggests. Users can make pacts with themselves, promising that they will exercise, eat healthily, stop smoking, and so on. If they respect the pact, they can get paid real dollars as a reward.

Moreover, if users fall off track, they can lose money as well. Players choose how much money they want to be deducted from their bank account every time they miss a day. This money is transferred to a fund intended for those who do meet their goals.

Cohero Health

How many times have you forgotten to take your medication on time? Sometimes, this does not end up being a big problem; however, other times, it can put your life in danger. Asthma patients are the most vulnerable to this, which is why Cohero Health has developed an app called Asthma Hero. The app uses a Bluetooth sensor that tells the app whether the patient took their medicine and if they took it properly.